JTM - The Songs

Here is a selection of eleven songs, all written by band members. They were recorded, produced and mixed at  Noisebox, a cosy little studio in Prestwich, a suburb of Manchester in the north of England. Most of them were recorded by Steve Lloyd, the owner and the others by his assistant, Frankie.

The titles are listed below. By clicking on the song titles you can read a more detailed description of the song and the lyrics. You can also hear each song in full in MP3.

What Vows (funky Madchester style)
Don't Make Me Choose (classic rock)
It's Not What You Do (up-tempo funk-rock)
Don't Need Your 9-to-5 (classic pop)
Rebel Without a Clue (end-of-set rocker)
Higher Wire (melodic guitar power-pop)
Top Time (guitar pop)
What God Wants (driving guitar pop)
Getting Pissed (funky groovy psychedelic blues)
Short Story (ballad)
Time Heals (slower tempo rock song)

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