Top Time

(Whyatt, Caldwell, Roberts)

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This is probably the least favourite of the tracks we recorded. Mainly because we put it togther in one rehersal session and then recorded it at the studio the week after. It never got a chance to breathe and change in rehersal. I've since done a much slower acoustic version of this and it sounded much better than this version. The song came from a set of chords that I had and I wanted to use the same chords for both teh verse and the chorus but with a different melody over the top. The bridge uses a lot of jazz chords, and unusual progressions, just because I wanted something a bit out of the ordinary. I let Adie do the solo over those! He did a good job too, apart from one note near the end we had to drop out of the mix.


He said, "Let's take a walk and see what goes"
She said, "I feel the world between my toes"
Sunshine, and all around is wearing a smile
Top time, waking up to a pleasure style

It's not the way I'm falling, but how far I fall
It's not the way I'm dreaming, because this is my dream
It's not the day that's dawning, because this is my dawn
It's not the way that it's making me feel, it's just this life seems so real

Searchlight, across the bay but I can't swim
Fast light, a party line and I'm stepping in
It's said, take your time and the world goes round
That's fine, for Mr. Norm and Mrs. Wife


Adie: Rhythm & lead guitar
Coddy: Lead and backing vocals
Howard: Rhythm guitar
Matt: Bass
Mick: Drums

Copyright 1997, JTM, all rights reserved.

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