Don't Make Me Choose


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This was a song I had written for my previous band, a Blues-Rock outfit called "Rude Mood" (named after the Stevie Ray Vaughan instrumental from the Texasflood album). I had got a bit bored of twelve-bar stuff and had been listening to Gary Moore's "After Hours" album. There was a fantastic little descending run at the end of the verse on "Story Of The Blues". I played around with it and my song just grew from there. The lyrics came after I had been listening to the song "Waiting In The Wings" from the BBM album "Around The Next Dream". Finally, the bridge is a harmony guitar break, because I couldn't be arsed writing lyrics for it!


I thought you'd follow me over mountains 'cross the sea
Could take you to the ends of the earth
But the mountains were too high and the oceans much too wide
My hopes for us were dashed by rocks and surf

I need some kind of spark to illuminate the dark
The darkness that surrounds my very soul
Living with the strife that pervades my sorry life
Has drawn me down into a dark hole

Don't make me choose
I know I'll lose
I need you back so bad, I think I'm going mad
I beg you, don't make me choose


Adie: Rhythm & harmony guitar
Coddy: Lead vocals
Dave: Bass
Howard: Rhythm & lead guitar
Mick: Drums

  Copyright 1996, JTM, all rights reserved.

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