Getting Pissed

(Caldwell, Roberts, Whyatt)

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One of the oldest JTM songs, though one of the last to be recorded. This was Adie's song, with a twelve-bar blues chord sequence based around a noon-blues chord. For the chorus we went to a very generic chord sequence until it was pointed out we were using an Oasis chorus. We dropped the Em for an Am and the chorus changed withit. Coddy and I  did the lyrics. Coddy was still hung over from a really heavy weekend he'd had and I'd been listening to an old George Thorogood track, "On Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" and it became forever known as "Getting Pissed".


Going out drinking, getting drunk again
There's a party going on in my head
The band is pumping music out to the crowd
There ain't no party unless the music's loud

The bar is open the beer is going down
I can feel the room spinning around
The band is pumping and the music's loud
I can feel myself getting lost in this crowd.

Wandered through the streets, staying in my own dream
Drinking with Jack Daniels and his partner Jimmy Bean.
This family's killing me, I know I'll end up dead
That old friend Johnny Walker and his brothers Black and Red.

The mood is swinging, the people spin around
And everybody's grooving down in this town
The band is pumping and the music's loud
Whisky pumping through my veins I can never lose these chains.


Adie: Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Coddy: Lead vocals
Howard: Rhythm and lead guitar
Matt: Bass and backing vocals
Dave: Drums

  Copyright 1999, JTM, all rights reserved.

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