Short Story

(Caldwell, Roberts, Whyatt)

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I'd had a sequence of chords running around my head for weeks. G, D, Em, C and I couldn't think of anything to go over them that didn't sound like a million other ballads. I played them in rehearsal and immediately Adie just sang "Short Story, Long Journey" over the top. The rest of the song just arrived as if it had already been written, almost as if we picked it out of the air and was waiting to be written. This is one of the songs which we never really felt comfortable with, almost as if it was someone else's song, but live, it went down amazingly well.


A face that shows no emotion
A nerve that feels no pain
A soul that feels no devotion
A mind that feels no shame

It's happening, it's happening
It's happening, before your eyes

A door that never opens
A light that never shines
A heart that can't be broken
A song that never rhymes

Short story, long journey, casting shadows in the rain
Short story, long journey, there's not a cloud in sight to blame.


Adie: Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Coddy: Lead vocals
Howard: Rhythm and lead guitar
Matt: Bass and backing vocals
Dave: Drums

  Copyright 1999, JTM, all rights reserved.

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