What Vows

(Caldwell, Briddon, Roberts)

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After their original guitarist left, I was asked to join JTM. This was one of the first tracks that Dave Briddon (the original bass player) and Coddy had written without Step, the original guitarist. They played what they had to me and I jammed around with it and it eventually turned into a Madchester type groove. This wasn't unusual as the other guys in the band were really into the Madchester scene of a few years earlier.

Once we worked it into a decent sound, I came up with the bridge section which fitted right into the original song. When we recorded it, I took the decision on the spot to overdub some slide onto the bridge section. It worked very well.


The warmth of your smile, the coldness of your frown
The tears in your eyes, the mothballs in your wedding gown
They say that time's a healer, but thinks that it seals
You don't know what it's like, you'll never know how love feels

For richer, poorer, in sickness and in health
'Til death do us part, should not mean by myself
You walked out, you left me, you walked out of this place
Before you left, you turned around, and threw your wedding vows
In my face, face

What a lovely couple, here come the bride and groom
The words of the clergyman, echo around the room
The congregation gathers, the church bells start to ring
And now that it's over, the choir has ceased to sing

Love, marriage, and then the affidavit
When you said "I do" what you really meant was maybe


Adie: Rhythm & lead guitar
Coddy: Lead vocals
Dave: Bass
Howard: Rhythm & slide guitar, backing vocals
Mick: Drums

Copyright 1996, JTM, all rights reserved.

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