What God Wants

(Brookes, Caldwell, Whyatt))

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This was one of the first songs that Matt brought in to the band. He had the basic chords for the verse and the chorus. Adie jumped on the chords right away and came up with the idea of the tempo and time signature change at the beginning and end. He also played the little riff at the beginning and end which really helped to define the sections. The basic chords are D, C and G, all of which can be picked out in harmonics which is what you can hear behind the slower first and last verses. When it came time for Adie to do the solo, he wasn't really sure about it as he'd had one spliff too while waiting for other band members to do their bits! He didn't mess it up too badly though.


Who is this icon, that they call God?
Is He he, or is He she?
Is there a heaven and is there a hell
and will I rise or will I fall?

The way it moves and talks to me,
I've seen it all before.
Heaven help you both can't win
I'm not yet on the floor.

You can shine a light on me
And I will close my eyes
Disbelieve in what I see
I just want to fantasise.

What God wants, God Gets
God He wants and He gets.

Right behind me stands the girl
The one with mysterious eyes
She can lay her love on me
We'll explore our desires


Adie: Rhythm & lead guitar, backing vocals
Coddy: Lead vocals
Howard: Rhythm guitar
Matt: Bass and backing vocals
Dave: Drums

Copyright 1999, JTM, all rights reserved.

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