Time Heals

(Brookes, Caldwell, Roberts, Whyatt)

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This was a true band effort. At rehearsal Adie just strummed  the opening chords and we all jumped on them. We played them again, in different styles and in different inversions until we liked what we played. The verse came next and then the bridge, all very quickly. While we were playing, Coddy had come up with the chorus and a first verse which he just kept singing over the top while we worked on the music.

It wasn't until we were on the way to the studio to record it that Coddy realised that he only had the first verse. He and I quickly knocked a few ideas around and came up with the second and third verses in the car.

The guitar solo in the middle of the song was a nightmare for me. I'd worked out a little lick at the end of the solo to lead into the verse again. It's not particularly difficult, just awkward to get your fingers around. I must have played about ten to eleven solos before I managed to get the lick right. The rest of the solo doesn't sound very good, certainly not fluid and the end is rushed. However, I was so glad to get it right I was happy to move on to the outro solo, which I nailed first time.


The more you say to me, just opens my eyes
The truth was hidden and I'm no longer blind
The sun it rises with barely a sound
Now I am walking there's no dragging me down

A brand new chapter, I'm up on my feet
The future's smiling and she's laughing with me
My mind alive I'm burning the page
The fear is burning and it's stoking my rage

Time heals, when you're not around
No fear, it keeps me on the ground
Time heals, when you're not around
No fear, it keeps me on the ground

You can make it happen if you really want to
You can make it easy if you really try

I am running, barely awake
With every morning comes a much brighter day
My world keeps turning and I love how it feels
It's true what they say, that time really heals


Adie: Rhythm guitar and backing vocals
Coddy: Lead
Howard: Rhythm and lead guitar
Matt: Bass and backing vocals
Dave: Drums

Copyright 1999, JTM, all rights reserved.

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