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The 1980s was a fantastic time for British computing. The boom in the microcomputer market led to a whole generation of technically capable people. At the forefront of this boom was the project started by the the BBC which became known as the BBC Computer Literacy Project. The project was initiated largely in response to an extremely influential BBC documentary "The Mighty Micro", in which Dr. Christopher Evans from the National Physical Laboratory predicted the coming (micro)computer revolution and its impact on the economy, industry and lifestyle of the United Kingdom. You can read the article about the project on "The BBC Lives!" history pages.

BBC Micro Links

Wikipedia article on the BBC Microcomputer
The BBC Lives!: A fantastic site which caters to enthusiasts for Acorns 8bit microcomputers and, to a lesser extent, the Archimedes.
BeebEm: The best BBC emulator I have found so far.
The Stairway to Hell: An oddly-named but vastly-comprehensive site relatings to the BBC Micro. It has disc and tape images, magazine articles, cover scans and all manner of other information.

Acron Archimedes Links

Acorn Archimedes