The Heyley Software Games

There were five games published under the Heyley Software name and these are listed below. We also wrote an adventure for the Archimedes called "Rise in Crime" which was published by Robico Software. They also published the Archimedes version of Stranded! and a BBC version of the same game which Tony modified to give the same look and feel as the Archimedes version.

The Ultimate Prize (BBC)

Fantasy, swords and sorcery stuff.

Pirate's Peril (BBC)

Captain Bloodbeard is shipwrecked on an island and has to escape.

Dreamtime (BBC)

Trapped in a dream, or is it a nightmare.

The Taroda Scheme (BBC)

A science fiction game

Stranded! (BBC and Archimedes)

A pretty bizarre game in which you are stranded on a planet after stowing away on a spaceship and have to work your way up the feudal system to escape.

Rise in Crime (Archimedes)

Become a galactic supercrook by stealing  as much money as possible.